Welcome to my Practice

Space to be You is a Hackney (E8), London based private practice providing therapeutic services to children, young people and adults.


The quality of the relationship is central to my work, therefore I offer relational space for you to explore feelings you may not feel able to discuss safely with anyone else. It is about making a space to talk it through. A space to be You.


It is a space outside of your everyday life, where you can stand back from your routine and reflect on what you might wish to do to change things to make them better.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is child therapy?

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists are trained to work with complex emotional lives of infants, children, young people, families and carers by carefully observing of a child or young person and responding to what they might be communicating through their behaviour and play.

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What can I expect in the first session when I see a therapist?

Many people who have never been in a therapy session wonder what it will be like.

In your first session, I will spend some time getting to know you and the issues that brought you into therapy.

I will ask questions about your presenting concerns or struggles, as well as your history and background.

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What is an integrative psychotherapy?

The Integrative approach assumes that each person is uniquely different and that no single approach to therapy can address the physical, social, emotional and psychological needs of any person. An Integrative psychotherapist is trained in a number of therapeutic approaches which helps to tailor therapy to the client

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